Firewood in Duluth


We are Duluth’s Premier Firewood Seller. We provide well-seasoned, sustainably harvested firewood to our community within the quarantined area for Emerald Ash Borer*. Our premium firewood sells to Duluth communities like Chester Park, Skyline Parkway, Park Point, Island Lake, Lincoln Park & Lakeside. If you don’t see your neighborhood or community listed please give us a call or fill out the form below.

The team here at Great Northern Firewood believes that sustainable forest management makes a world of difference in the way that the natural ecosystem responds to modern day logging. By harvesting the matured trees, we make room for the young saplings to grow; repeating the cycle of photosynthesis.

Trees are quite literally the lungs of the planet. Our giant green friends do so much for us that often times they can be taken for granted. The truth is we owe the quality of life we experience here on earth to these beautiful organic solar giants.



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Or give us a call @ (218) 260-4133 – Please leave a message and we will be sure to call you back!